In hiring your keynote speaker we realize that every organization is different. Aras tailors his keynote presentation and workshop specifically for your business by taking into account your organization goals. Kal merges best management practices on productivity and science of success along with mindfulness practices to achieve harmony and to balance the demands of work with family and personal life and help your associates deliver remarkable results. His workshop includes meditation and mindfulness training to apply self-management skills to high-performance environments.

Kal conducts annual wisdom retreats for business leaders and innovators, and he recommends mindfulness training to support an increasing capacity of creativity, leadership excellence and well-being. His presentations focus on discovering and expressing our highest Self and Work, unleashing creative flow, and deepening connection to ourselves and each other.

Keynote or Workshop pricing varies by engagement. Investment Range: $10,000 -$20,000

Speaking and Workshop Topics ~ A List of the Current Favorites:

The Seven Symphonies of Harmony: How to Balance the Science of Success and the Art of Fulfillment for an Irresistible life

In this popular workshop and keynote, Kal takes you on a journey of transformation to lead an immensely successful and fulfilling life. By blending best management practices on productivity, science of success with mindfulness practices; this workshop provides the blueprint to achieve harmony in all areas of life

  • Discover a proven system to balance the demands of work with your family and personal life
  • Develop your sense of personal fulfillment through the practice of meditation, mindfulness, and compassion
  • Learn the art of a craftsman to become world class and to lead in your field
  • A productive system to get more done in a month than most people get done in a year
  • Chart a healthy, wealthy and wise lifestyle

Target Audience: Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Corporations

Available as a Keynote, Workshop Session, or One-day Seminar

The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love: A blueprint for World Peace

Based on Kal’s internationally acclaimed book ‘The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love’ this signature workshop and seminar delves into the art of love to give you the tools to heal, experience greater well being and create extraordinary relationships while making a difference in the world.

  • Discover that love is not an emotion, but a state of being, a state of awareness
  • Learn to become a clearing for extraordinary love, trust and intimacy
  • Build synergy and enhance communication with others
  • Learn to attract peace and harmony in life
  • Fall in love with yourself and learn to follow your bliss

Target Audience: Women’s Organizations , Social Enterprises, Yoga and Mindfulness Conferences

Available as a Keynote, Workshop Session, or One-day Seminar

From Passion to Purpose: A Journey of Personal Leadership

Based on Kal’s proven track record as a technology professional and an executive coach this highly inspirational yet immensely practical presentation emphasizes a model of leadership rooted in personal responsibility and contribution.

  • Discover your true purpose
  • Discover and develop your identity as a leader
  • Practice the core distinctions every leader needs to help themselves and others to create positive and empowering change
  • Discover true wealth through selfless acts of teamwork and contribution
  • Chart an inspiring life path

Target Audience: Young Adults, Colleges, Youth Organizations

Available as a Keynote, Workshop Session, or One-day Seminar


From Passion to Purpose ~ Live an Extraordinary Life

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