Giving Back

Global Contribution Initiative (GCI) is a social enterprise focused on identifying innovative, sustainable and replicable solutions to society’s most pressing social causes like world peace and conserving the environment. We welcome partnerships with organizations who believe that their most precious resource–its human capital–becomes even more valuable when goals are aligned and skills are enhanced for the greater good of society.

GCI’s vision is to reach a critical mass to cause a paradigm shift in the collective consciousness, leading to greater joy, peace and personal fulfillment while making a difference in the world.

The institute’s mission is to inspire creativity, passion and leadership in people through the simple but effective philosophy of ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.

Our unique approach is to collaborate with partner organizations and experts who are leaders in their own disciplines who bring functional expertise to brainstorm creative solutions for social challenges at the local level. We integrate breakthrough seminars, infotainment and fund raising events to bring awareness and respond quickly to social challenges. Our flagship programs includes inspiration coupled with entertaining fundraising events for communities and organizations with a mission to restore world peace, create environment sustainability and support artists and small businesses at the local level. We provide a platform for creative artists and small business owners to gain visibility and promote their craft to a wider audience.

GCI Sponsored Events:

Celebrating Mastery: To support Friendly Waters and Creative Artists

Bollywood Blowout: To support world peace and environment sustainability
Bollywood Blowout

Partner Organizations:
Friendly Water

Salsa Con Todo


Causes We Care About:

World Peace:

Environment Sustainability:

Poverty Eradication:


Promoting Local Artists and Small Business Owners: