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Do you dig feedback?


This post will add a new distinction or reinforce an existing distinction in your success tool box. I dig your feedback

Consider that one of the key ingredients in a recipe for success is being willing and open to receiving feedback. As the saying goes “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. It helps course correct our way to our intended destination.

Let’s say you are intending to drive from Mumbai to Bangalore for the most important event of your career or life and have prepared and armed yourself for the trip with all the necessary information. However, if you don’t take the time to periodically check-in with your GPS or at a gas station to ensure you are on the right freeway, you may end up taking a detour to Goa. Yes, Goa is a great place to be and spend time in, but that wasn’t your original destination.

Tip: Getting lost in life is normal, but staying lost is absurd

As we can see the above example is a demonstration of how most of us go through life. We commit to a worthy goal, map out a strategy to get there, and take decisive action, however very few of us are willing to receive feedback. We respond to feedback as a personal rejection, or criticism or even get angry at the source.

Below are three common ways we respond to feedback:

  1. Give up: If we don’t get the results that we want, most of us instead of looking at the missing information that would get us back on track, tend to quit on our goal altogether. We blame our circumstances, relationships, or any number of reasons and go through life gathering evidence to prove that we are right. But that’s missing the point – it’s not about being right, it’s about reaching for your dreams and goals, because that’s what you are committed to.

  1. Get Mad: Some of us tend to get mad at the messenger, and make them wrong. This tends to drive people away from you. Although, people around you can see that providing valuable feedback would help you achieve your goals quicker, they withhold their communication for the fear of being abused verbally or emotionally.

Tip: You could never find sunset running east no matter how fast you run

  1. Ignore: Some of us adopt the attitude of indifference and ignore the feedback that people or the universe gives us. We continue doing what we have always been doing, and hoping to get a different result. In some cultures, it’s called insanity. And the biggest joke is on us, when we think that nobody knows, in fact the only person who is left in the dark is you.

If you have noticed any of the patterns in your life, now is the time to breakthrough them. Don’t be hard on yourself, its okay, we are always constantly learning,growing and developing ourselves.

How do we breakthrough this cycle?

· The first step is to acknowledge it, and be accepting of the current state of affairs, because without accepting ‘What’s so?’ you don’t get to the clearing to cause a transformation.

· The next step is to make a commitment to ask and become open to receiving feedback.

· And finally the third step is to celebrate and acknowledge the person offering valuable feedback and make the necessary course corrections.

Some people are trained to deliver feedback, while some are not, but you are looking for the gold nuggets in the message rather than the delivery.

Live an Extraordinary Life! Leave a Legacy!!!

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  1. Hi Kaushal: Was looking for some of the “inside” info on your book & I wondered which cover you finally used? Also, Mardi asked me to time everyone last night 5 mins. for comments and 7 for their speeches – that is what all the “ringing and chiming” was on my phone last night. LOL Apparently Mardi forgot what I was doing or something? I am laughing it was so funny when we talked about it at the end of the session. I bring it up to you because she said you were curious as well so there you have it!

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